General Available Languages English
    Calendar Multi-Calendar
    Services Notification Server
      Inbox server (Ticket creation from e-mail)
      Report server
    Help Online help
      Available in HTML format
      Available en PDF format
    Versions Once a year, minimum
      Specifics will remain after updates
  Platform Supported operating systems Linux, Windows, AIX
    Suppoorted databases

(any 'i' version)

  User interface Technology Web

Supported browsers (Iexplore,
Firefox, Mozilla)

    Application profiles Technician


    User customization By role(User Group)
Ticket Closing codes
      Support groups


      Ticket typology

Resolution typology

      Worktime type
    Inventory Inventory element types (hierarchy)
    Third parties Types of third parties


      Support companies & Client companies

Company consolidation

      Company chart

Multiple locations to one contact

    System Technicians


  Processes Ticket management Ticket types (default): Incidents, Requests, Claims, Questions, etc.

Ticket states: Pending validation, Open, Pending assign, Assigned, Transferred, On hold, Closed, Finished, Cancelled

      Group assignment and Technician assignment  

Group and Technician escalations (transfer)

      Links between tickets  

Ticket hierarchy (Parent/Child)

      Visibility options for diary comments  

Notification to client or technician from diaries (also with attachments

      Ticket on hold (SLA without penalty)  

Automatic ticket close in tickets on-hold (scheduled)

      Ticket worktime (Activity, Date, Technician, Time and Observations)  

Ticket audit (changed states, assignments, etc.)

      Assignment tpes (Assignment and Transference)  

File attachments

      Affected inventory item linked to ticket  

Contact data

      Contact can access to all his tickets (contact view)  

Contact inventory items view

      Access to inventory item from ticket  

SLA1 response and close data limits calculations

      SLA2 response and close data limits calculations  

Closing a ticket


Quality forms

      Additional data forms  

User defined fields

    Inventory HW SW management

Inventory from company chart

      Inventory: warranties, renting, adquisitions, location...
    Workflow Business rules: Total configuration for actions, notifications, ticket behaviour, SQL sentences, scheduled tasks...  
      Client and technician notifications
      E-mail customization
    Automatic assignments Unattended assignments"
    Automatic scalataions Scalations with no level limits
      Trigger scalations: Notifications, Change on ticket, string analysis...)
    History Tickets
      Automatic and scheduled archive.
    Knowledgebase Search on different entities (ticket, diaries, etc.) in production, archive or KB.
      Knowledgebase tree
  Costs Costs input By activity type
      By technician
    Reports Cost
    Export Excel, PDF, Word, HTML
  Quality Surveys Questions and answers definition and analysis  
      Question blocks  

Form definitions

      Survey e-mailing  

Quality statistics

  ITIL Configurations Configuration elements  




  Integrations Tools Automatic inventory integration ready  

SNMP integration (via email)

      Portals (single sign-on)  
    Login LDAP validation  
      Multiple LDAP validations  
    Contact import From LDAP  
      Intermediate table  

Specific development (ERP, RRHH, ACT!, etc.)

    E-Mail Notifications server

Inbox Server (Ticket creacition from e-mail)

  Reports and Analytics Report engine Based on Crystal Reports XI
    Available reports SLA situation
      Service state by ticket typology

Service state by cost center

      Service state by support group

Service state by technician

      Tickets by data statistics

Time and cost by ticket typology

      Time and cost by cost center

Time and cost by support group

      Time and cost by technician

Compliance reports

      Inventory items detail
and Authorizations
Roles and allowed actions  
    Texts Labeling

Error messages and others: customizable

      Ticket data statistics
    Views (Menus) Columns, Actions, by role, column ordering, etc.
    Ticket Form Tabs definition on ticket(by role)
    Selection dialogs Fields available, order by default  
    Business Rules (Workflow) Allow/disallow actions on ticket  

Allow/disallow dialogs on ticket

      Content assignment depending on ticket events (Create, Modify, Delete)  

Automatic notification depending on ticket events

      Automatic SQL sentences depending on ticket events  
    Scalations Scalation definitions:
      Ticket values change  

Notifications generation

      SQL sentences